Sunday, November 20, 2011

Who cares for Internet?

Many people care about the internet. All the people who use it, even if only
to send a note to someone on some other network that is connected into the
Internet, care about it. Someone or some enterprise owns each computer
nternet. The telephone companies „own‟ the pieces that carry the
equipment. So, while no one person or entity owns the internet, all who use
it or supply materials for it play a part in its existence.
Since communication between networks cannot happen without
co-operation, there are committees and groups working hard all the time to
ensure smooth functioning. Some issues related to providing standards and
identification of computers on the NET are to be cared by somebody. Some
groups have thus been formed who look after primarily about the
commonality part of internet. This body is called IAB (Internet Architecture
Board), earlier called Internet Board as named by ARPA. There are two
main wings to this board:
IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)
IRTF (Internet Research Task Force)

IETF does a documentation of the internet known as RFC (Request For
Comments), named so because it is a set of open-ended documents always
available to public for their comments and thus the standards keep
continuously evolving.
Apart from maintaining protocols and norms/standards, another important
function of commonality is assigning unique names and addresses to
computers connected on the Net. This function is performed by InterNIC
(Internet Network Information Center) which is a group of three
1. General Atomics, CA : Provides Information Services
2. AT & T., NY : Provides Directory and Database Services
3. Network Solutions, VA : Provides Registration Service
The services of InterNIC group are available on the Internet itself. Each
individually connected network maintains its own user policies and
procedures as to who can be connected, what kind of traffic the network will
carry, and so on.
connected. The owner of the connected equipment therefore „owns‟ a piece

of the i

information packets. The service providers „own‟ the packet routing


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